April 02, 2019

We had a marvelous time performing at the church Brewing Co. this Spring. Our first show there was a great success. It was such a treat to play a sold out show to an audience full of Neil Young fans, each with such a love for the art of songwriting. If you happened to be there, thanks for being a part of a fantastic night. We hope this will be the start of many good things to come from the Church Brewing Co. as they begin to get their feet wet with the live music scene. It's our dream to see the valley's many talented musicians brought to light, and what better venue to see our music culture thriving in once again. 

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With roots sewn deep in the Annapolis Valley of Nova Scotia, these five musicians have come together to share their love of music with the world. The Chimney Swifts' original music has left lasting impressions on audiences far and wide. Their uplifting songs, and captivating wordplay tantalize the mind, and often leave people feeling joyful and inspired. 

Nov. 14  2018

Had to take a little break on the album as Jesse's house came under construction these last two months, however, we will soon be back up and recording again. The toils of working from a home studio. On a lighter note, big fun coop show coming up with Liam Potter's new band out of Halifax, Bear Le Friends! That will be happening on December 15th, at the Gaspereau Hall, in Wolfville. Thanks for reading, all the best!