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Nov. 14  2018

Had to take a little break on the album as Jesse's house came under construction these last two months, however, we will soon be back up and recording again. The toils of working from a home studio. On a lighter note, big fun coop show coming up with Liam Potter's new band out of Halifax, Bear Le Friends! That will be happening on December 15th, at the Gaspereau Hall, in Wolfville. Thanks for reading, all the best!

July. 5th 2018

Jamie's farewell concert was a smashing success. We took a live recording of the entire show, and it looks like there may be a Chimney Swifts album coming your way sooner than anticipated. We are currently in the mixing process. Meanwhile, recording of our studio album is moving right along as well, with the drums, bass, and Jesse's guitar tracks almost all done, we are definitely approaching the halfway point! We also had the pleasure of doing a photo shoot with Claire Colville, of Two Crows Joy, her local photography company. Check out the images section of our website to see some of the magic she captured.