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With roots sewn deep in the Annapolis Valley of Nova Scotia, these five musicians have come together to share their love of music with the world. The Chimney Swifts' original music has left lasting impressions on audiences far and wide. Their uplifting songs, and captivating wordplay tantalize the mind, and often leave people feeling joyful and inspired. 

Feb. 9th, 2023

Hey everyone, quick update! We survived covids brutalization of the live music scene, and are back up and performing again! We've had a few shows this year already, at the Horton Ridge Malt House, and Paddy's Pub, and are planning some others in the near future. Keep up to date by following our social media pages where we continue to release new content regularly. Lots of new songs in the works, some favorites being our new Blues Rock tune "On Time," which is about how drastically our perception of time can change from moment to moment, and Eric Rand's new tune "Big Little Sister" about his connection to his sister and the bond between siblings. Excited to keep on sharing with you all! Hope to see you at our next show.

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